2015-01-28 10:12:51

Telugu Rhymes now crossed more than 10,000 download in Android

2014-10-06 10:02:02

Ever called someone and forgot something of importance in that call? And, when you remembered it, can't call as it would not be professional? An in-house application Contact Reminder is developed for personal and commercial use using Contacts and Mobile calling technology.

2014-10-06 09:51:18

A new step in Augmented Reality. Using the new face detection concept in Metaio software, a marvelous application is designed for Android and Iphone called AR Face Magic. Imagine being able to picture yourself wearing shades or a hat that you want to buy beforehand. Furthermore, what if you can even take a photo and share with your friends on social network to know their opinion too. AR Face Magic showcases the power of Augmented Reality (AR) for e-commerce platform.

2014-02-18 09:12:57

We have launched a new in-house application called 'TeluguRhymes' into the iTunes store to enrich the kids of Telugu Region. Recently, in Windows store as well. This application suitably titled as 'Amma Badi'(role of mother as a teacher) to educate Children across the world to learn Telugu in a fun way with some innovative and fancy features. Long time ago, mothers used to feed their children by telling stories based on the nature around us like the Moon, Sun, Stars, animals, birds, flowers, trees, rivers, rain, etc., and sometimes also by singing Songs. But now in the new era, Children/Kids are attracted to see cartoons with some music to its background. If you look in Youtube, we have numerous rhymes, fairy tales, etc., that are posted by different people with different versions. But, people would be confused what the right ones for their Children are. That's why Solweaver Technologies came up with this application in an innovative way to showcase the efforts of different people who put their real effort in posting some valuable videos.

2013-12-12 09:20:41

Solweaver Technologies is always ahead in working on new technologies to help the Competitive Business world to succeed. As a part of it, we have taken bigger steps to start work on Augmented Reality environment since beginning of 2013. Now, we are happy and proud to share and announce that "Solweaver Technologies Pvt Ltd" is now a Certified Partner for Metaio development applications. (http://www.metaio.com/customers/certified-developers/recent/)

2013-08-13 09:44:09

We, Solweaver Technologies has launched our first in-house mobile application "LogoQuiz India" in iTunes store. For more details, please refer to our products page.